How to get rid of an iframe, Rachio

I added the Rachio Sprinker integration. Then I added an iFrame in the YAML as the documentation recommended with this code:

panel_iframe: rachio:
title: Rachio
url: “
icon: mdi:sprinkler-variant

It added the Rachio item in the left menu bar.
After looking at it I decided it doesn’t really add anything useful so I want to remove Rachio.
I removed the integration. I removed the YAML code and restarted HA.
The Rachio iframe still exists.
How can I get rid of it?

Thanks, Steve

Removing the YAML code for the iFrame will get rid of it. If you are still seeing it, it is cached in your browser. Clear your cache and reload.

You can also open HA in an incognito window if you want to confirm it’s a cache issue.

Thanks Rick.
I cleared cache for the past week. No good. Vivaldi browser.
I removed it from view but it is still there.


Did you try a different browser or a different computer/tablet/phone to verify?