How to get rid of these

I have NO devices showing and cleaned the registry yet these keep showing up… How do I get rid of these? They don’t even exist…

Thank you!

Its a Samsung Galaxy Tab. None of them in your household? Maybe a neighbor who has Home Assistant Companion installed and connects to your instance?

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Just making sure but did you restart your browser? Could be cache. Happens.

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I will see what’s connected via my router and if so I’ll block it :slight_smile:

Well I’ll just clear that and that’s a great idea!! Thank you!!

Thank you everyone!!! It’s now gone as are the entities. I didn’t do a thing… it must have caught up to the browser and now they no longer show :slight_smile:

It was the cache expiration…

the HA frontend does very heavy caching, its more apparent if you post a persistent notification in the HA frontend with an image whose file name does not change. You’ll see the same image used instead of a new one.

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Thank you all!!!