How to get rid off


whenever I’m trying to connect to any VPN, I’m getting redirected into browser to home assistant saying Error: invalid client id or redirect uri

And I’ve never install this, how do I got this I don’t want it I tried to follow steps:

  1. pip3 uninstall homeassistant

but it says the home assistant is not found, so how is this working ?

  1. tried to install than uninstall

still the same

how can I get rid off that, i dont want this never wanted and dont need this. Is it somehow deafult in win10 ?

It’s not a default install on anything - other than the Home Assistant install images for Raspberry Pis

More information would help us here, but something somewhere is clearly directing you to some form of Home Assistant install - based on what you’re saying. Is the URL of that page a local IP address, or a hostname, or ?