How to get Somfy io-homecontrol shutters to work locally?

I can understand your rant but from my understanding unless there has been a very new development the io motors and protocol have not been hacked and the encryption has not been broken. Meaning you can disconnect from the somfy cloud but you cannot use any controls without a conexoon, tahoma or a direct connection to a control.
If you find a way let me know, I have tried a few things, and now opted to buy the conexoon.

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I’m not an expert, but the Velux integration might work for you. Velux blinds are using io-homecontrol as well. Based on this post, the KLF200 device (required for the Velux integration) can control Somfy devices.

So my suggestion is to follow that path for further research. :+1:

Did you find any solution?
I’m also in the same situation! :slight_smile:

Sorry no. I’m a bad hardware hacker, I think it should be possible to reverse engineer the io controller since they work without any connection to the cloud but I haven’t tried it and I’m really bad with that kind of stuff. I bought the conexxoon and sadly rely on somfies api. :frowning:

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Interested to know how Somfy API works with connexoon and with HA…
Have you seen any vids en YT that show how to use/manipulate the APIs?
Or do you think you could share some brief explanation of how all this works and amount of time spent to configure and set all that? :slight_smile:

Have a look at Somfy Connexoon/Tahoma jailbreak - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community (

Long time away. Conexxoon works out of the box with the Somfy integration.

What do you mean?

If you have io homecontrollers you can buy a conexxoon and then add the conexxoon with the core somfy intergration. After that you will get all your connected blinds controlled by conexxoon in HA as devices.

This is still using the (unstable) Somfy Cloud, thus this is not a local solution. That’s why people are looking jailbreaking their hub. However, even with the Connexoon box, the official Somfy API won’t support all devices, thus that’s why users use ha-tahoma (custom component) as well.

Sure, but I have not found anyone who has jailbroken their hub and ha-tahoma is not working for the new io blinds. I would love to ditch somfy’s servers all together, but I have not been able to find any solutions that work. That’s why I bought the 160 euro expensive conexxoon. I hate it, but as for now, no other way has worked that I know of.

@reptilex we haven’t had any report that ha-tahoma doesn’t work with new io blinds. Could you perhaps provide us with more info, so we can help others as well? It should at least be more stable than the official Somfy API…

If you are looking into jailbreaking, have a look here: Somfy Connexoon/Tahoma jailbreak.

I want to control my io motors too, but a tahoma box is so expensive (190 euro) just to replace a remote…

I look at the velux klf3200 a bit cheaper, but still…

Any other options?

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What about the TaHoma Switch? However, the Velux KFL should offer local support for IO, but I understood that pairing can be difficult.

Like i said, the tahoma switch/box costs almost 200 euro , which is quite expensive just to replace my somfy situo 5 io remote

Sorry, I thought they introduced the Switch at a lower price point, but I see the retail price is 199 indeed. :eyes:

However, currently you need to use an Overkiz gateway or the Velux KFL, since there are no other devices that can handle the IO protocol.

It’s almost even expensive

Wow, I searched two years ago for what felt like months for anyone that had done exactly that jailbreaking. There was nothing to be found. I will look at it again. Even so you need the conexxoon in any case it seems. I will look into it. Thanks a lot.

Just bought a velux klf200 to do this locally

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Do io homecontrol work with these?: SOMFY CONNECT UAI PLUS

I think that’s the piece that control4 and others use to control somfy without the cloud.