How to get State in condition from all configured persons?

Is there an easy way to get the state of all configured persons.

In some automations you want to check if the configured persons are “home”

using the following condition:

- condition: state
   entity_id: all

are in the examples, but this would also include all devicetrackers who are not added to a person.

Of course i could add every person in a OR clause, but thats not how it was before the automatic groups where removed

Any suggestions?

This is what groups are for…well, usually.

But, the group will want device_trackers to give you ‘home’ or ‘not_home’. I’m pretty sure it wont work with a ‘person’ component. It might…but probably wont.

If it does, you can just check if the group is ‘home’ or ‘not_home’.

If not, you can use filters. Following this helpful guide, you could do:

# Returns the number of 'persons' that are 'home'
{{ states['person'] | selectattr('state', 'eq', 'home') | list | count }}

You can use that in a template sensor if you wanted.

  - platform: template
        # Will be 'on' if any person is considered 'home'. 'off' otherwise. 
        value_template: "{{ states['person'] | selectattr('state', 'eq', 'home') | list | count > 0 }}"

Now just use this sensor in any of your automations.

Actually, just tested the groups with people and it seems to work.

So, just create some groups.

    - person.family_person_1
    - person.family_person_2

    - person.enemy_1
    - person.enemy_2


states(‘’) will be ‘home’ if anyone in the family list is home. Same for all other groups.


Thnx, i didn’t read the changelog well enough, i tought that groups was also depricated, but only the old state UI. Marked it as solution.