How to get the Automation rules card in Lovelace

I added two Automations and the Automation rules card with the on/off switches appears in the old (states) UI.

How can I get this Automation rules card into the Lovelace interface?

Can you provide the code you used to display the automations?

I haven’t had any trouble so far for them to show up when I add them e.g. like this:

  - title: Test Section
    icon: mdi:test-tube 
    id: test
      - type: entities
        title: Stuff 
        show_header_toggle: false
          - automation.turn_on_mplug3

I use the monster-card custom card for this so that I don’t have to specify each automation every time I add a new one.

- type: custom:monster-card
  show_empty: false
    type: entities
    title: 'Automations'
    show_header_toggle: true
      - entity_id: "automation.*"

Thanks for the examples. Got it working now.