How to get the battery level?

Any idea how to activate the battery sensor from the latest release? On iOS they are added automatically when the integration is added, but in this case only the GPS device tracker was added.

Are you sure that battery level has already been fully implemented?

In the Play Store release notes it says it’s implemented Location and Battery Status…so ok, maybe not the level, just plugged/unplugged, but I see no other sensor besides the Device Tracker.

I’m not even seeing the device tracker. I have mobile_app in the config.
Is it supposed to automatically appear or added manually?

I don’t get anything. Not the device tracker either. (Yes, the app has location permission)

Did you update to the latest version? Do you have mobile:app: in your configuration.yaml?

Just saw it now, somehow when I checked before it still showed me the release notes for the old version. That’s strange, I’ll check if I see the same behaviour when I’m at home.

I had to reinstall and onboard the app again to get the integration to show up initially.


App is installed and updated (v. 1.1.1(32))
I added “mobile_app:” in configuration.yaml.
What should I do now to get battery and device tracker?

Is there a new item in Integrations?

“App configuration” menu just shows the app version.
I can’t see anything different.

I mean in HA’s Configuration, not App Configuration.

Thanks. It’s working now


Ok, I just reinstalled. Seems to be working now!

I can’t see anything different in HA.
I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall app, like stigvi.

As you can see in @stigvi post, the battery level is an attribute of the device tracker id doesn’t have it’s own entity.

ok, a device tracker entity appeared, but without useful data yet

You are completely right! Thanks!

@xalex75, it was the same for me as well, give it a couple of minutes

should I do anything in known_devices.yaml or somewhere else?

actually in there I have my mobile configured for nmap:

hide_if_away: false
mac: 7C:D6:61:F0:0C:3B
name: Alex
picture: “/local/alex.png”
track: true

I installed the app on a samsung tablet too, at the moment it’s the same:

Ok, data for my mobile appeared just now.
No data for the tablet yet, but it’s ok, it will probably take a little more.