How to get the new M(usic)P(layer)D(aemon) image to appear

using the MPD integration and my player I can see a lot of info being pulled in. It even has data for the image but unfortunately all I see in the frontend is a grey background:

while in the device interface, the image is clearly available (none music files are in red):

and showed:

This is album art and not track art, so maybe that would be an issue?

this is all data:

please have a look how this could be changed?

You should explain what MPD stands for to avoid confusion.

This depends how you store your media
I store on an album basis so always have a folder.jpg which is the album art
Though I have ‘some’ media which seem to have track images embedded in the tag data (dunno, I don’t predicate on that)
So I generally agree with you and most ‘players’ do the same
ie if there’s a track artwork - use that - Else default to album artwork

I think the above strategy was formed when space on your media device was at a premium and so to get more music on the device but these days it may not be so relevant
However ‘players’ should be backward compatible with other strategies.

not sure what you mean by this? Only 1 integration named MPD:

yeah, my player is pretty state if the art sonically, maybe a notch less from an interface pov… :wink:

still, if this the industry default, how would one get to have animate displayed in HA for the Music Player Daemon?

Could it be HA needs acces to the players innards, by means of a login/pw combination? Ive even tried the optional password field, but that errors out with ‘invalid password’. While it isnt… But, since we cant enter a login HA probably doesnt know what to do with the password…

No, my point is that you used an abbreviation without explaining it, you also did not say it was an integration. I had to guess, then with further reading it became clear that I’d guessed correctly.
This is not good from the reader point of view so considered bad practice

having a bad day Mutt? :wink:

sorry to have been so sloppy, but since it was one of the mentioned new features in the latest release changes, noteworthy even, I didn’t think it to be multi-interpretable or an issue of unclarity.

otoh, Im not a native Washingtonian, so didnt consider the Metropolitan Police Department to be the first thing my post would allude to, especially today. Sorry for that, and we’re all watching events with astonishment, to use but an understatement.

Edited both topic and first post

Yeah, but that’s not unusual :rofl:

Astonishment is but one minor word in the gamut of those available to describe the infantile and irresponsible incitements of a particular knob-head in chief and his blind sheep-like followers whose dedication to democracy is clearly a coating so thin it wouldn’t survive the mildest of Paddington stares.

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Same issue here, I also don’t see any image :frowning:

filed an issue just to be sure this gets some attention:

This is expected, since Mopidy does not provide any albumart support over the MPD protocol.

So what happens is that that the mpd component creates a hash for an image that will actually never exist. The integration works on this assumption.

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Hi Hexa, thanks for chiming in. Sorry I dint understand what you’re saying here though. What was expected after reading the release notes of this noteworthy change was that the MPD media_player now shows album art of sorts.

Are you saying this will never happen?

I have it working here against mpd 0.22.3. Sorry for the mopidy mixup, that was another issue entirely.

My device is on MPD, version 0.19.21. Not the latest, but apparently no update is needed for the ultimate sound quality.

Maybe that could cause the images not to be found?