How to get the temperature of central air conditioning on floorplan

My central air conditioning can be controlled on the floorplan. But i don’t know how to use the text_template to show the temperature on floorplan. Here is my floorplan.yaml

- name: thermostat_temp
            - climate.mideaccm_a0
            - climate.mideaccm_a1
            - climate.mideaccm_a2
            - climate.mideaccm_a3
            - climate.mideaccm_a4
#          text_template: '${entity.attributes.current_temperature ? entity.attributes.current_temperature : "undefined"}'
# The above text_template uses extended attributes from the climate.* objects to get current temperature.

Here is mine if it helps.

        - name: thermostat_temp
            - climate.living_room
          text_template: '${entity.attributes.current_temperature ? Math.ceil(entity.attributes.current_temperature) + "°" : "undefined"}'
          class_template: 'return "static-temp";'

I added your yaml to my floorplan and restarted my homeassistant. It doesn’t report error. But i didn’t see the current temperature on my UI.

I created mine following the guide by @pkozul here and added the sensor as decribed here