How to get UniFi Protect "detections" from the media folder in to a custom dashboard?

The UniFi Protect integration saves “detections” to a media folder. How can I get that inside a Dashboard?

Really looking for almost the exact thing in the screenshot, but just in a grid card inside a custom dashboard.

Nope. 20 charrrr.

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I am looking at trying to use the gallery-card to display the last “few” detections that are saved (by default) in the Media → Unifi Protect → G4 Pro → Smart Detections → Last 24 Hours “folder”. The card uses media-source and i can’t figure out if it is possible to map this location (maybe via config) to just display the most recent X files? Any ideas if this is possible?

My understanding is that these detections are just being referred to from the NVR or other protect device and nothing is stored locally in HA, can someone confirm? Is there a way to not have this unifi protect folder in media?

Anyone figure this out?

I would be interested in knowing aswell ? Any hints?

Due to the countless shortcomings of Ubiquiti, I’ve run all my cameras through a Blue Iris server. It does what is being asked about in this thread, and a LOT more. Not to mention it does it better, and more stable. There is a MARKED difference between my inexpensive, plain RTSP cameras and my expensive, proprietary UBNT cameras. I’ve already begin phasing them out, beginning with doorbells.