How to get VTOC value of Ikea Vindstyrka with HA Sky Connect?

I bought the Sky Connect to support HA and later also the the IKEA Vindstyrka air quality monitor.
I found out I needed to press the pair button 4 times to get it connected
So far so good.

I see temperature, humidity and PPM coming in, but the VTOC value doesn’t show up in Home Assistant…
My question is: Is it possible somehow to get this VTOC value?. VTOC= total Volatile Organic Compounds measurement of the device. Or does it maybe need a firmware update and that’s the reason I don’t get that value in? It says: Firmware: 0x00010010

(I have the Ikea bridge somewhere, but would like it to work with Sky Connect, preventing the amount of bridges for every brand piling up in the house.)

P.s. Also bought the Ikea Shortcut button and managed to pair it. But i does not show when it’s clicked. Essentially useless so far.

ZHA, which you’re likely using, uses events for buttons. Only with 2023.8 (and later) do you get an entity for events.

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Thanks for that one (aldough the button still not showing up as event entity when pressing it and I have 2023.8.1)! My main question was about the VTOC value not showing up with Sky Connect. :slight_smile:

Anyone who can help out with this one?

Having the same issue or problem. Have you found a solution?


No I don’t understand the whole Zigbee2MQTT thing, there is no official documentation and seems something HACS a like.
I’d like to stay away from custom stuff and have the SkyConnect and I was hoping it just worked out of the box with without too much custom hassle, but that doesn’t seem the case. Also currently I can’t experiment because the Backup restore function of HomeAssistant is still broken so I can’t fuckup my running production system.


Oke, let me rephrase that: I mean it’s not an official integration. Yes, there is documentation. But i’d like to keep it simple and stick to the official integrations.

Looks like this has been addressed here with a patch :

I have HA Green with Sky Connect so I am running ZHA the same as the OP, but I have not been able to get this patch to work.

I suspect this may be due to me having HA Green, as the script refers to Docker, but wondering if anyone has managed to get the VOC in HA Green with Sky Connect through ZHA?

Thanks in advance.