How to HA Docker Container


  • PC: AMD CPU outfitted with 1TB SSD
  • HA installed via docker

user@ubuntuhost:~$ sudo docker ps -a


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The article How to get services and its status inside the docker containers? - Stack Overflow indicates:

If your container is called app go to the folder on your machine where you have installed docker and run ./launcher enter app

This will put you inside the container and you can run service apache2 status for example to see the status of Apache2 running on your container.


  • How do find I find the path to the docker container so that I can run ./launcher enter app?

  • What keyword should I use to find the path:
    sudo find . | grep pi $keyword

Never heard something about a launcher.
Use docker exec -it homeassistant bash to open a console inside the HA container.

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Why would you focus on the response with 0 upvotes when there are other responses on that page with more upvotes?

What’s your actual question? Is it about the fact that your HA container isn’t running?

If so then the answer would appear to be that you never started it.

Are you using compose files (the right way) or docker run (not the right way :stuck_out_tongue: )?

@Tinkerer. My question was ill-posed. I hope the edited version is clearer.

  • The HA-Container is running fine
  • I’d like to be able to work “inside the container” from the command line.

Apparently this an be done with docker exec -it homeassistant bash

Yes it can, but you shouldn’t ever need to do that.

In the official HACS setup (under: Container , Container) it is one of the actual install steps to download the HACS script from within the homeassistant container.

Not true!
The forum is full of command_line sensors and shell_commands that don’t work, because they are not tested inside the HA container.

You can just copy HACS into the custom_components folder rather than shelling in.

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