How to handle switching to new phone for the iOS integration?

I just upgraded to a new iPhone and can’t get my phone properly recognized as an entity connected to the iOS integration.

Assume my old phone was called John-iPhone.

After setting up and migrating my data to my new iPhone, I renamed my old phone to John-iPhone-old, then reset the HA app before wiping it.

I was able to sign into HA app on my new phone without issue but in the iOS integration I see my old phone only (I see John-iPhone-old as the entity).

If I search entities, I see my new phone which is John-iPhone.

I then reset my app to try to setup again. Signed in and it’s still not showing in the iOS integration. But now there are two John-iPhone entities for some reason.

What’s the right way to fix this?

Have you removed your phone from the mobile app integration?
And after that restart the system

Forgive me, but How the heck do I do that? I don’t see a way to delete an entity.

Within the integration select the device That you want to delete

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I don’t see that. I can only delete the entire integration or if I tap into the devices or entities, it shows me the list of each but I can’t delete.

How many devices do you have?

I didn’t have to do anything special. I named my new phone. Installed app and started it with new phone. Delete old entity. If you have 2, figure out which one is being used and delete the other. Restart, you should only have 1 device.

Ugh, I realized my confusion now. I was looking at the old “Home Assistant iOS” integration, when the new one is “Mobile App”.

After deleting the old “Home Assistant iOS” integration, and restarting, I was able to nuke the old devices. My new phones were properly recognized by “Mobile app” integration.

I’ve had this problem for months with lingering phones around but never dug into it. The big key was deleting the .ios.config file in the config directory as well, to stop the old devices from coming back through the Home Asisstant iOS integration. The instructions are in step 3 of this guide: