How to have Alarmo tell me which sensors are opened?

looks like Alarmo changed recently. i remember there was an option to let us know which Door is opened hence Alarmo cant arm the system.
what can i put in the yaml to alert my Telegram account which door is opened?

service: notify.telegram_general
  title: ⚠️ <b>House Alarm Warning</b>
  message: "The alarm could not be armed right now, due to: {{open_sensors}}."

unfortunately, it does not work:

i used your code:

door 05 is currently open as seen here

Weird. Works for me:


Detailed here:

another thing i noticed is that Telegram is not listed as the Target in the Action tab of Alarmo…

is it because im using the latest version of HA and something broke?
just for fun, i reverted back to an older Alarmo version and sure enough Telegram is still missing so i am not sure how to get Telegram as being one of the option for Task to perform. as of now, i have to manually type the yml code in if i want Alarmo to send status to Telegram