How to have dynamic webpage as a tile?

So im wanting to add some CCTV road cameras to my home assistant UI for quick viewing of my commute. There is a site which shows the images however they are on a dynamic page so not actually an image e.g.

What is the best way to get these as a tile? It would also be awesome to have a dropdown to select different cameras if possible?

I tried the generic camera component but it didnt detect an image.


I just tried it with the generic camera and it worked:

  - platform: generic
    name: Aasee
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Hmm, this is what i used but it told me if found none and failed to load.

Ill try again - thanks

The URL works for me as well.

Great, how would i go about changing the image based on a drop down? Is that possible?

EDIT: Never Mind - i saw the URL of the camera supports a template, so ive setup an input and set the template url based on the input selection value. Seems to work although there is a small delay which is to be expected as its downloading the image each time from the website.