How to heal network with OpenZwave plugin/MQTT broker

Hi guys,

I am using OpenZWave (beta) integration with the OpenZwave plugin (0.3.0) and a MQTT broker (@Raspberry Pi 4). I would say it works fairly stable except that there’s no control panel YET.

Anyhow. I recently moved my Aeotec ZWave Gen5 stick and I am seriously suspecting that nodes far away from the base unit are not able to communicate with the USB stick anymore.

So I want to execute a heal network command. In lack of a easily installable control panel(?) does anyone know how I can send a heal command to OpenZwave plugin by publishing it to the MQTT broker?

Thank you

/ Henrik

Oh I found the MQTT doc for qt-openzwave. I’ll read it to see if I can publish it to the MQTT broker :slight_smile:

Now I tried this:

mosquitto_pub -h ... -t "OpenZWave/1/command/healnetwork" -m ""

Let’s hope I am on the right track :slight_smile:

Hi @henrik.klang,

I was looking for the healNetworkNode command and I found your post.

Did you get it working ?

Edit : I did.

- id: '1590165766966'
  alias: 'Zwave : Auto Heal Node'
  - at: 00:02:00
    platform: time
  condition: []
  - data:
      payload: '{"node": 14, "doreturnroute": false}'
      topic: OpenZWave/1/command/healnetworknode/
    service: mqtt.publish
  mode: single
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Yep my above mosquitto_pub command worked flawlessly. The device “lost” seems to have recalulated its route so i was able to use it.

Did you try mosquitto_pub before trying your script above?

No, I directly started to play with the HA service mqtt.publish

service: mqtt.publish
  payload: '{"node": 14, "doreturnroute": false}'
  topic: OpenZWave/1/command/healnetworknode/

And I have been reading OZW log with

tail -f /opt/openzwave/logs/ozwdaemon.log

I’m not sure you get any feedback on the command being successful. At least I didn’t as far as I can remember.

You can get a feedback from ozwdaemon.log.

This was my first try.

[20200909 11:00:34.166 CEST] [ozw.mqtt.commands] [debug]: Got  "OpenZWave/1/command/healnetworknode/"  Message:  "{\"node\": 14}"
[20200909 11:00:34.166 CEST] [ozw.mqtt.commands] [warning]: Missing Field for  "healnetworknode" :  "doreturnroute" :  "{\"node\": 14}"
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You will get this same feedback in MQTT, topic OpenZWave/<instance>/event/<topic>/ with a payload indicating whether the command was accepted or if there were errors.

I’m not sure if i’m doing this right.
I’ve added en changed the position of some zwave plus devices and used this command to heal my network:

service: mqtt.publish
topic: OpenZWave/1/command/healnetwork/

In the log file i get this:

[ozw.mqtt.commands] [debug]: Got “OpenZWave/1/command/healnetwork/” Message: “”
[ozw.mqtt.commands] [warning]: Json Parse Error for “healnetwork” : The document is empty. : “”

Can someone tell me if i did it right?

Payload needs to be an empty JSON object, {}

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Thanks! Works for me now :slight_smile: