How to hide entity (In Car Play and from search bar)

Hello all,
My name is Aldo and I approached Home Assistant from 3/4 months.
First of all I would like to thank you all for the fantastic works and environment you have created.
I need to say that I have created my home very well with quite all the needed functions.
Now, I need to hide some entities from a Dashboard (used from a read only user).
I have set them as hide from the "“Setting/entity” menù but I continue to see them from Apple Car Play and unfortunately also from a Dashboard with the search bar.
Can you please suggest how I can finally hide them?

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This might solve it or some of it.

If the device used for Apple Car Play can use an user made just for that device, then the above should work too.

Hello @WallyR,

Thanks for your reply, sorry but is not clear to me ho to use your indication.
For what I see you can choose users that can see a dashboard or not but all the entities continue to be present in the search botton in the top right of the dashboard…
Thanks for your help!

I have not worked with limiting views, so did not know about other ways of getting access. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: