How to hide sidebar


For some time now I have been using Kiosk-Mode in combination with Fully-Kiosk to display one of my dashboards without a sidebar on a wallmount tablet.

This worked fine until the latest Home Assistant update (2023.4.0)
Now the following setting in the RAW configuration of the dashboard suddenly seems to no longer work:
hide_header: false
hide_sidebar: true
hide_overflow: false

The Kiosk-Mode integration has also been archived for a while.
What is currently the best way to hide the sidebar for a dashboard?


I wasn’t using the kiosk-mode integration from HACS until today, I tried it and it doesn’t work, and I’m already in 2023.4 so maybe there’s an issue with that version. Anyway, I wanted to use this integration to hide the top bar.

The sidebar can be hidden by going to the user config (last button on the bottom of the sidebar) and enabling “Always hide sidebar”. This doesn’t need any integration installed.


EDIT: I found the wallpanel integration and it’s working for me! It doesn’t recognize between admin/other users but has an option to create profiles and activate them by adding ?wp_profile="" to the URL.


Hi Rodrigo,
I also think there is an issue with the kiosk-mode integration in version 2023.4.
I had indeed found the wallpanel integration. This also works. Especially in combination with Fully Kiosk.
The “Always hide sidebar” is not an option for me. This removes the sidebar completely and I only want this for one dashboard, which I use for my wallmount tablet.

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THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for this for quite a while.