How to identify a device?

Now that I have my bluetooth working my HA is finding an I beacon Tracker. I have no idea what it really is, but a couple suspicions what it might be. (Apple AirTags). How do i go about determining what this device is so i can properly identify it?

Use one of the many online Bluetooth mac address lookups ?

May help identify the vendor if it’s a popular brand

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Never knew there was such a thing! Thanks,!

Scratch that, there is no MAC address listed.


Can you share as much info possibly can ? Screenshot / logs of what you’re seeing ?

Is this simply the integration popping up saying that it has found something broadcasting an iBeacon ?

I would hazard a guess that it could also be your mobile app sending a beacon if configured

Sure, thank for you help!


ok, so new devices should be picked up - can you not see them in your device list or in developer tools > states

I’m not sure how much info iBeacon gives you but if it’s not enough use one of the many mobile apps to scan for beacons and cross reference the UUIDs discovered with the ones in HA

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What is above is all that show under devices, unless I’m looking in the wrong place (entirely possible, im very new to HA, and used to habitat). At first, I couldn’t find States, but once it did there were seven items that were listed Device Tracker :


I’m fairly certain this just pops up once you have a Bluetooth device setup that’s capable of doing BLE tracking. Once HA detects device that are capable of being tracked, it’ll auto-populate them (that’s the config option for “Enable newly added entities”). They’ll look like this:

There are some intricacies with setting up beacon devices.

If you have some you want to track explicitly, best to search for them specifically in the forums. That will depend on your use cases.

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haha … that made it worse (joking) … found a whole bunch of bluetooth stuff i have no idea what it is… some is obvious, but dang i never knew i had so much bluetooth stuff around me!