How to identify my iBeacon entities?

Hi there :slight_smile:
I do have some devices showing up within the iBeacon Tracker… and I am struggling to identify them…

Unfortunately, most of them are not available to get more information from them…
Only the device “8570fc8d-9882-45d9-835f-65a07f20f1d3_100_1” is available.
As far as I can see, it was recognized / found throught my Bluetooth Proxy…

Right now, after checking the entity again, it will be shown as “away” …
(after checking again, it was “home” again)

So MAYBE, this is a device from some Neighbours?

I did a Bluetooth Scan on my phone - with another app… this scan does find several devices, which - at least some of them - I can identify.
For none of the devices found by my phone, I can identify the MAC Address in the list of the iBeacon Tracker.

So COULD it be, that these iBeacon Tracker are not here in my household, but maybe in another appartment AND or in my neighberhood?

ok - it’s getting even worse :smiley:
I do have 3 Amazon Echo Dots running (which, also provide an iBeacon Tracker)…

I’ve activated an “example iBeacon” on my phone via another app…
it appeared at least four times:

The Attributes are indicating, that these are all reported via the same “device” - which is, according to the MAC Address - my Bluetooth Proxy.

So this is getting even more confusing for me :frowning:

By the way - another app on my phone doesn’t find any iBeacons… :smiley:

I use HA app iBeacon scanner to identify them.
I can move the phone closer or further away and see the result directly on the screen

HA App “iBeacon Scanner” - is this an addon?
Or what exactly do you mean with HA App?

HA companion app
Home Assistant - Apps on Google Play

Enable the beacon monitor sensor

Ah okey… :slight_smile:
I already using the companion app

did not know that this one does have this “special” support :smiley: