How to identify platform that fired the intent


Does anyone know how to define platform that fired the intent?
There is documentation here
However it’s unclear for me if it is possible to use something like this:

- condition: template
    value_template: "{{ states.intent.Intent.attributes.platform == 'snips' }}"

Hi guys,

do you have any ideas? Could you @balloob help please?
It would be so much helpful if it could have state properties.

I don’t think Intent_scripts: have states or have a specific platform to fire it. I understood that Intent_scripts could be called from any of the 4 platforms like Alexa but not from the front end. I note that on my state page there are no intents. Also, with alexa, i setup the platform like below. I am positive that there isn’t a way for Alexa to get pushed an intent if called from HA front end instead of alexa.


I use two platforms (Snips and and my question is how to distinguish which of those two fires some of my intents.

It is mentioned in the documentation:

Intents are implemented using the homeassistant.helpers.intent.Intent class. It contains the following properies:
platform the platform that fired the intent

So my question is how to find this property.

Could the platform be in a slot: “hey snips, would you ask <platform> to ...” ?

I’m just thinking out loud but, please, describe your usage a bit further .

I’m super impressed with the possibilities of the conversation / intent_script duo and interrested in snips .