How to identify what is activating a device

Hello all

I am running HA OS as a proxmox vm.

For automations i am using node red and all flows are blocked.

All automation created with the HA automation feature have been disabled.

For the most part i do not have to worry about it. It runs as it should.

I have a pellet stove and a fan that in the automations (or flows) started at a specific time in the morning, checks if i am home and if the temperature goes below a certain level turns on … simple.

During the winter no issues

Now that the temps are above the threshold the stove and fan still turns on at the specific time.

I checked the debug nodes and the flow in my node red flow for climate control and no activity is shown

I verified if my automation in HA “automation module” are disabled … they are

Where else can i look to find out what triggers these devices.

Thank you in advance for your help

did you always use NodeRed? …have you checked for any older (but still running) HA automations?

wow that was quick Thank you

I started building the automation using the HA function, and all worked well.
Last summer, i started to learn node red and slowly migrated all my automations (8) to node red.
As i was learning more, I added some complexity to my automation for example verify if i am nome.

All of this could have been done in HA however as i am a visual person I prefer looking at blocks as opposed to words (i’m also dyslexic).

Yes all older automations are disabled .

I tried to check the logs and it shows switch pellet stove on from 7:30 to 9::00 when i turned it off.

I have no scenes , scripts or helper added to my HA

Hope this helps

Thank you for your prompt response

OK. Can the stove be controlled outside of HA (eg: using its own app)?

Hi it does have a manual switch on it however this switch must be on for the automation to work.

It is a simple switch connected to a dry z wave smart switch. It is only an on or off switch.

Only HA can activate on or off parameters

Thank you for your help

Well, other than something being wrong with you NodeRed automation, I cannot think of anything else


I don’t use NodeRed myself, but can you post your flow and perhaps some else can check ti for you?


Thank you just the same for your replies


I looked and more than once at the logic of the flow. I cannot see any error in logic

Thank you once again and be well

Look in the logbook, it usually tells you what turned things on and off.

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thank you for your response.

I did look at the logs as i mentioned i do see the event of the stove changing state however i do not see the trigger


I meant the logbook

i Thank you for the clarification. I too was meaning The logbook …Sorry

I did however look more closely at the logbook.

It does show the event of the stove turning on but not what invoked (trigger) the event.

Thi lead me to play with the 3 dots which brought me to the zwave page for the stove switch.

As i mentioned above no HA automations, are active and no scenes or scripts have ever been developed.

Yet on the device page i saw scene001 and sceen002 in the details of the device.

I may have drank my brains for breakfast, but i do not remember of i created them nor can i see a trail of their development.

I disabled the 2 scenes and hope this will solve the issue

we will see tomorrow if this will solve my issue

Thank you for your help


Hello all

After playing and monitoring this device the issue still remains.


No HA automations are enabled
No activity in Node Red climate flow or any other flows dealing with pellet stove (geofencing)
No scripts are developed or enabled
switch *Fibaro" has no setting to turn on at 7:30
Fibaro switch is always on (as it should be because it waits for HA to be activated)

The logs state: Pellet Stove turned on triggered by service Switch: Turn on

Developer tools - Services shows: service: automation.reload

Developer tools - States shows : switch.pellet_stove = off

My automation yaml has many instances of switch turn on.

I presume that when i build an automation in HA, HA automatically creates the entries in the automation yaml. Equally when i create flows in Node Red it too generates input in the configuration yaml.

I’m not savvy enough to peruse this yaml and understand what i can delete and or modify.

Therefore If i fiscally delete the HA built automation (as opposed to NR) will this delete the entries in the automation yaml?

Thank you in advance for yout help

The default place for HA to store automations created via the UI is automations.yaml.

I’m not sure what ‘fiscally’ deleting means but, if you remove said automation using the UI, it is removed from automations.yaml.

OOPs fiscally = physically

Thank you

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Hello all

After all your help and the assistance given to me by the fibaro group,
I deleted all my automations in home assistant and disabled all the flows in node red
Then I started them up one at the time

I finally found the culprit

What caused this issue was that in the node red flow “call service node”

There is the possibility of adding and defining area, a device and an entity.

In my flow media center control flow i added the fields named area as living room, the device as my amp name and my entity as my amp plug. (This was the only flow with all 3 fields filled in)

I did not considered that the area field was a possible “field” to act upon.

I always considered it as being a generic label… my mistake

Once i realised that the area was not a label i could delete … i did

Furthermore i realised that the are field can be used to trigger multiple devices in the same area to change state …Interesting for my next project (media room)

This will mean that with the activation from a door sensor I can control the lights, the projector, the screen and the climate with one automation (flow) youppi.

Many thanks to you all for your help. patience and guidance