How to implant camera with HA

Hi. sorry for the question,
but since i started with HA, 6 months ago never really understood how to implant camera with HA
can you see live video from the camera in HA ?
what the best cheapest camera with motion detection that work with HA with out flashing it?
if i have to flash the camera for it to work with HA, whats the easy way to do so?
never really fined a good topic about it .


Depends on your camera.

Search for forums for things like “embed camera”. There are a LOT of posts in the forums on this.

An old Android phone with IP Webcam and this component is the simplest and cheapest option. Streams and does motion detection too

You want camera with RTSP feed. This is pretty much all ipcam and wificam.

RTSP cam you access video feed at rtsp://camip/feed1 for example. For HA you can use ffmpeg component or onvif component to access feed.

HA show still image from live feed that is updated every 10sec. If select cam still image in HA I live video image is displayed

Thanks tmjpugh for your replay
can you recommend a good cheep camera?


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No. I currently have no good recommendation

I personally like hikvision cameras.