How to implement "queue"

Hi All,

I’d like to ask how others handle situations when you can’t process event/condition right away and have to wait until the resources are available. Is there some concept of “queues” where you could “park” your events until you are ready to process them or something like that ?

E.g. you have very complex script that controls various heaters and valves and which purpose is to brew fresh pint of beer each time someone shouts out his favorite brew name loud. But once you are in the middle of brewing you don’t want to disrupt the ongoing process but rather “remember” that there has been a request in the past and process it later.

Is there a built in component for this or do I have to write my own custom script for that ?

You could probably put something together in AppDaemon

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Quite possibly the only way. And if not, certainly the best way.

Thanks a lot for suggestion! I didn’t have a clue about AppDaemon before but I’ll definitely give it a try. Especially compeling is the fact that I’ll not need to wait for the restarts :wink:

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AppDaemon is an incredible piece of work. Even @aimc, the author, is regularly surprised by what people come up with. And it keeps getting better as more users push the limits.

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