How to insert additional data to "statistics" database

My solar installation was installed on march 17 2022 but I started to monitor my solar production only on april 26. So the first 40 days are missing in my database.
The database is MariaDB in a docker on my NAS.

I could download the missing daily production data from the website of my inverter (Fronius).

I would like to add these values into my statistics database.
I am using phpMyAdmin to manage the DB.
Have built a csv file and inserted it in the “statistics” table but the result is erratic.

How can I achieve that task?

Only way is the spook integration from Frenck.
It can add historic data with a service call.

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Thank you very much for the information.
I’d like to give it a try but I am very unsure of the syntax and I really don’t want to screw my database (I have already screwed it once and it took me dozens of hours to recover it).
Have you already used the “import statistics” service with success?

Not yet.
I simply have not had the time to work on my HA setup lately.