How to install components such as systemmonitor?

Hello Guys,

I have searched forum but never found an installation instruction about that.

I want to install
Do i only need add this to configuration.yaml file?

  - platform: systemmonitor
      - type: disk_use_percent
        arg: /home
      - type: memory_free

Or do i need to download that components first and put somewhere in Hass?

Just add it, it’s like actual magic.

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It worked now, thank you. Can you please also help me for this one?

This guy have created a component but where do i put his component in HASS?

Looks like that component is out of date with the current architecture, so it’s not going to work.

You can try messaging the OP, their profile suggests they still visit regularly.

Can you share how you got it to work? I added it to the .yaml file but it’s still not coming up

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