How to Install/Configure CustomUI

Hi All,
I am trying to customize entity color based upon state, which has led me to the following…

Installed Custom-UI using the manual (local) method as described here

To activate, I added the following two lines to my configuration.yaml file:

custom_ui: local

However, adding the customizer lines causes Check Config to fail validation (no result is returned).

Any suggestions?

PS: Home Assistant 0.83.2


I’m assuming you have it in your configuration.yaml file exactly as you have it above.

try this (notice the indent):

  custom_ui: local

Also you need to get in the habit of posting code snippets per the instructions at the top of the page.

Sorry finity, thanks for the quick response.
Unfortunately the code above is not exactly the way it is in the configuration.yaml file, the actual code is

  custom_ui: local

I restarted HA and got the following error:

Had the same issue, turned out I did not copy the raw but it’s html, problem solved