How to install duckdns or MQTT broker without Add-On Store? Running Home Assistant on QNAP NAS so no Hassio

The title says it all. I’m running Home Assistant on a QNAP NAS so that means no Hassio and Add-On Store. I’ve been doing all right but when it comes to Add-ons that have no instructions other than “use the Add-on Store” I’m at a total loss since that is not available to me.

How can I get these things to install? There seems to be NO documentation on their GitHub pages for people like me. I can’t be the only one who is in this situation, right?

For mqtt, simply do a docker install of mosquitto. For duckdns I don’t know.

Hi @frogbot

I am also using my QNAP NAS to run HomeAssistant (and a bunch of other things!). I primarily use a combination of QNAP’s Container Station and Portainer to spin up and manage other containers which includes a Mosquitto MQTT container.

As fo DUCKDNS, I have simply configured it in my config.yaml using the instructions listed here


Thanks Francis and Jay. Sometimes a little tip is all it takes to push someone in the right direction. Appreciate the info. I’ll try both the MQTT container and the DuckDNS config.

Total noob question: is Container Station the same as Docker?

So much to learn but when I figure out anything I’m like Tom Hanks in Castaway after he just made fire.

Yes it is with a nice user friendly GUI.

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Thanks for the info Steve.

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I install HA, MQTT, Grafana and Influx all using ContainerStation and find it is very easy to keep up to date.

Thanks all, got MQTT installed in Container Station and DuckDNS configured through configuration.yaml and the instructions on the DuckDNS site. This video helped a ton too…