How to install ffmpeg on HASSBIAN?

Hello :slight_smile:

im try to use Xiaofang Xiaomi om my HA, but all code i try did not working.
i read here that ffmpeg can be missing.

any one can help how can i install it? im system on PI3 with HASSBIAN

  - platform: ffmpeg
    name: Cam
    input: -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://

find how Thanks all

I am try to use Kaicong 1201 plus on my HA ( PI3 with HASSBIAN ), but no luck. can you help me please.

Thanks !

yes Sure, the camera work with rtsp? she need FFmpg in order to get work?

How can i install FFmpeg for Hassbian ? is’t debian-backports i need a install from or any other sources.

1.install ffmpeg.

sudo apt install libav-tools

2.add location of ffmpeg (or avconv) to configuration.yaml file. This is my location is a example only. you must find yours (must that same)

ffmpeg_bin: /usr/bin/avconv

3.add camera to configuration.yaml file


  • platform: ffmpeg
    input: rtsp://
    name: CAM_1_RTSP

Thanks alot :grinning: now camera is working , but 15-20 sec delay. is’t possible to watch cam without delay ?

yes i have also delay, i do not think about to resolve it :wink:

I have two ffmpeg cameras out of five. When I select the either one of the ffmpeg cameras for a full screen view they only show a small icon. All my other cameras that are not ffmpeg show full screen perfect.
Anyone else have this problem?

sudo ? how? there is no command line connection when using the Hassbian complete install. I tried but always wrong password.