How to install forked Core to test integration


I’m very new to HA and also to software development and github.
I want to use a forked core, in my case this one from nicolasberthel ( and i am wondering, if there is a quick start guide on how i can do this.

Maybe there is also a way to use the actual release of HomeAssistant on one RPi and this fork on an other one and integrate this two together?


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I haven’t tried this for homeassistant, but have for other repos. Here is how I think you would do this for a local HA core installation:

  1. create a python virtual environment for this version of HA (google around if you haven’t done this before) and cd to the directory you setup for this (should see directories like bin, lib, etc)
  2. activate this for your shell i.e. $source bin/activate
  3. from the activated shell, cd to the homeassistant repo you cloned/downloaded. You should see in this directory files such as requirements.txt and
  4. pip3 install . (dot meaning install from current directory)
  5. If this worked, now cd back to the directory you setup for this virtual environment, and try to run HA $ bin/hass

Good luck!

It should be much simpler than that, since all the changes are confined to the new becker component. Just create a custom_components/becker directory in your config directory, grab all of the homeassistant/components/becker files from that PR, and stick them in custom_components/becker. Any core component can be pulled into the custom_components directory and it will either override an existing component or simply be pulled in as a new component.

Thanks for that, i will try to only use the becker component as a custom component. I thought, that it might need more than that, because the first solution for that has created a database file with values needed to send the right commands to/via the becker usb stick. And didn’t find anything about such a database in the component folder or in any of the python files.


I found the DB file that is needed, but thats needed within the requirement “pybecker”, that it is referencing to. How can I install this requirement within an home assistant os?


It’s in the manifest.json, and HA installs what’s mentioned there when it loads the integration.

I thought it will be that way, but were will I find the installed pybecker? As far as i know, for correct communication over the Becker USB Stick, it is needed to have the right database. I had already problems, because I “lost” the database from my first implementation and it was very hard to get the shutters/covers paired again.

So my first question is, if pybecker will always need to be newly installed, when I restart the whole Raspberry Pi Home Assistant OS or if it is in a location like the Core Configuration folder, that will persist, even if I reboot or Upgrade the full system.

And my second question is, if I can restore my exisiting Database to the pybecker folder on a new system.

I don’t know anything about that library or integration, but it sounds like you’re better off waiting for it to be merged into core.