How to install HA on QNAP (docker is unavailable)

Hi. It’s my first time to try HA but I got trouble on my first step:joy:

I tried to install HA on QNAP (TS228), which could not use docker~~ The python version is 3.5.0 so I could not install HA by SSH.

Anyone could help me?

@xiaoyuewenwu if you install Home Assistant via ‘Container Station’ on your QNAP the process is fairly easy. Search the HA forum on how others have done it. The upgrade process is also made quite easy as well.

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Hi. Thanks for your reply. But my QNAP TS-228 is not support container station. Is there any other solution? Could I install HA on python 3.5.1?

Oh, that’s unfortunate…maybe check the QNAP support area?

Ask him to update to a later version. Normally he does that pretty quickly…


Thanks. I will try this

Thanks. It works on my QNAP~~

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