How to install Add ons via bash script (.sh) file in Raspbian OS?

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Hi all,

After successful installation of Docker and Hassio via Raspberry Pi Terminal screen, is it possible to install Add ons (Example: Samba Share) using bash script (.sh) file instead of HA 8123 page in Raspbian OS?

If yes, what bash command to run for such installation?


hassio addons --help


Tried this command:
hassio addons --help

But terminal displays error:
bash: hassio: command not found


I assume you are ssh’d into your hassio instance?



I only have Raspbian OS installed, with Add Ons.

So, I can’t run Hassio command in Raspberry Pi Terminal.



If you have add-ons, you are running hassio. If you are not running hassio, then you get no add-ons.



I installed my Home Assistant manually after installed Raspbian OS on my Raspberry Pi.

My Home Assistant with addons screenshot, as per below:

Now the issue is that my Raspberry Pi terminal cant execute hassio command, as mentioned by @nickrout.


So install the SSH add-on and use a port that’s not port 22