How to install Home Assistant

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[supervisor.homeasistant.core] Error on Home Assistant

installation. Retry in 30sec.

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homeassistant:landingpage to


22-01-29 04:36:39 INFO (SyncWorker_2)

[supervisor.docker.interface] Downloading docker image with

tag 2021.12.10.

I found out why I had trouble with HA images. I have an RPI2. Oh Yeah. So there it is.

There still is an image for rbpi2 available.

For years, I guess I never noticed before. I was looking at raspi-config trying to figure if I need to update eeprom or something, I thought it was a 3b+. Noticed rpi2. Hmm? could be!. I had run webthings and noticed it wasn’t getting updated anymore. It was straightforward. I landed on HomeAssistant. Bought an Rpi4 because I couldn’t get the rpi3 image to load on my rpi2?! Oh, I’ll be I downloaded every image there is, except rpi2.
Is there a possibility of a yearly release of the rpi2 image? thanks again.

The rbpi2 image is still included in the regular releases