How to install pervious integration as custom component

I am running 2021.4.3. It’s the latest version I have with a working integration for Honeywell TCC. I am now missing too many newer integrations and would like to upgrade but I can not live without a working integration for Honeywell. I’ve read some posts indicating it’s possible to install a previous integration as a custom component, “by copying it to your config/custom_components folder and adding a version key to the manifest file”. I’m lost!

I know where to find the config/custom_components folder but I don’t know where to find the old integration in my current working version, nor do I have any idea what the manifest file is or how I would add a version key. Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.

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Assuming 2021.4.6 is good as well, go to

to download the source at that point.

  • From the zip, copy the “core-2021.4.6/homeassistant/components/evohome” folder to your custom folder
  • Edit “manifest.json” and add a “version” tag, e.g.
  "domain": "evohome",
  "name": "Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (Europe)",
  "documentation": "",
  "requirements": ["evohome-async==0.3.8"],
  "codeowners": ["@zxdavb"],
  "version": "2021.04.6"
  • Hope it still works with the current versionof HA :wink:

Please let us know if it still works with 2021.12!

Worked like a charm for 2021.11.5 with Honeywell version 2021.4.6. I’ve not upgraded yet to 2021.12 but see no reason it won’t continue to work.

In my case I used the component “honeywell” instead of evohome from the .zip as I’m in Canada so I needed the US version. After copy to custom_components I had to rename the folder to something like “honeywellfix” or it would conflict with the new integration. And I deleted the new integration in the supervisor UI