How to install supervisor for virtualenv

Is it possible to install the supervisor panel for python virtualenv? If yes how?
If not, how can I add for example this addon?

Sorry I new for this and I only found supervisor hass for docker. But I don’t want to use docker.

No it’s not possible.

the supervisor (and hence add-ons) is only available in HassOS or a Supervised install.

Either of those ways will give you docker, but, in the HassOS version it will be transparent to you unless you decide you want to interact with it.

the only other way to get influxdb will be to install it directly on the host.

All that said, I definitely recommend Docker. It’s pretty easy to use.


supervisor install has been removed out of docss :frowning:

Thank you, I did it on manual way. Installed everything to my server and integrated to the HA. Works as expected :slight_smile: