How to install this custom HACS card?

I’m brand new to HA and want to install this card: GitHub - davidn/uvindex-hourly: Dashboard Card to show Hourly UV Index provided by EPA UV Index integration

I have searched HACS (which I have already installed) but can’t find the above card.

Could someone please guide me as to how I can install this card?

Add it as a custom repository in HACs


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Thank you that worked!

However I feel like an idiot. When I try to add it as a card to my dashboard, it’s not showing up in the list of cards. Any idea if I’m missing a step inbetween?

It doesn’t show up at the bottom of your card selection?

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I just refreshed and it’s showing now :grin:

And now new problem: when I select to add the card, I get an empty card :frowning:

Do you have


just save and see dashboard. maybe an extra browser refresh will help after that

I don’t. Assuming I need to?

For the future, how am I supposed to know what pre-requisite integrations are required, such as this one?

I’m not sure either. 'm installing it now to test.

Yup you need it



go to Add integrations and select

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Awesome help. I’ve managed to get to this step!

Is the EPA for US only? I’m in Asia and I’m not able to choose my country…

After all that… lol

I didn’t check the availability…man that sucks!!

It’s pulling data directly from the EPA so I’d say yes, US Only.

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Really appreciate your quick and easy to understand help anyway

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I’m using OpenUV, maybe that has Asian data too.

It does not do predictions though, just a lot of info on current levels. So no pretty graph of things to come.