How to integrate 3rd party hardware states into Home Assistant - Electric Fence energizer

So I’m trying to get the state of my electric fence remotely. So when its hits an error it sounds a siren and flashes a light. Does anyone know how i could take those outputs and get them recognized by home assistant so i could then throw a notification back to me.

What kind of hardware is it? Do you have a link?

What happens when it fails? Meaning how do you know it isn’t working?

Hi its this unit below.

When it fails it not longer sends pulses down the electric fence. (because of broken wire etc)
Im thinking that maybe there is a noticeable difference in wattage drawn between working and not working state, in which case i can use a Sonoff POW to report back. Unlikely that it will work, but I can try.

That was my first thought and it’s pretty cheap to test out. I am using one to monitor if my AC is on or not.

The other option I see would be to monitor one of those LED lights on the unit (I would assume one is for some sort of error?) Using an esp8266 and a photoresistor to know if it’s on?

That would work too, I just wouldn’t know where to start.

So the electric fence also has a battery in it. Considering this, i would find it highly unlikely that the wattage would drop much at all if the fence is in an alarm state.

So this would be a good place to start for how to detect light. The main issue I see with the LED reading would be how close they are together.

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Well it seems at there is no noticeable wattage drop so that fails. Think i will just solder an additional LED inside the energizer so as to not interfere with the outer LED visibility of the alarm light. That being said, i guess that lighting the LED is just a relay closing, so if i could just detect where that takes place it would let me know when its in alarm state.

Soldering the additional LED is a great idea. I did the same thing to monitor/control my coffee maker. The best part about the LED/photoresistor is it keeps your circuits optically isolated.

I should note, that in my case, even adding the additional LED messed with the external display of the LEDs. The LED I needed to monitor wasn’t getting enough juice to power two so the external one is too dim to see.

Yes, so then i could maybe check across the LED with something like this for the few volts that will power it.

Never used one but couldn’t hurt to try. I assume it’s pretty cheap?