How to integrate a temperature sensor that only sends email alerts

I would like to have a temperature sensor trigger a wifi controlled relay. I’m looking at cheap WiFi enabled temperature sensors such as

But it seems that the only interface to the temperature is the alert email it sends when either the upper or lower temperature is reached. How would I go about having HA read and parse and email and then generate an event that it could then use to trigger the relay? I did a quick search on HA but the only thing that came up was mailgun - but it seems like overkill for an apparently simple task.

Thanks for your time, Ian

I am having troubles understanding why you aim for email, there are other sensors like tuya, shelly, sonoff.

You could use the imap content integration, but I definitely wouldn’t call that sensor “cheap” at 40 quids, so I would look for alternatives :wink:

It sounds like I need to do more research on the sensors available. I don’t want to have emails but it was just the output from the sensor I found. I’ll come back after doing some more homework. Thanks for the steer.

You can also build one with esphome …cheap… but you need to want to do this too :slight_smile:

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I was surprised too. I thought it would be just some standard WiFi chip with a sensor bolted on. If I felt a bit more confident about the electronics I guess I could make my own.

The accutal sensor bit needs to be on a probe as it has to go down a tube into a hot water tank.

Mmm… I wouldn’t quite trust wifi in those conditions, tbh…
I’m pretty sure water absorbs 2.4GHz.

You can try to buy a cheap (really cheap) device and replace the sensor with this

Of use the same with esphome


Thanks all, I’ve gone for the sonoff as that combines the relay with the sensor which simplifies everything. I had a spare ewelink so I was thinking I could use it as my relay but less moving parts is better.