How to integrate Bticino MyHomeServer managed via Home+ Control?

I have a Bticino MyHomeServer setup, which after the latest firmware upgrade is being managed via the Home+ Control app (the same app which is to manage legrand and Netatmo products, of which I don’t have any).

How do I integrate my connected devices into Home Assistant?
I’ve tried a lot of different approaches and integrations already, but I have not been successful yet.

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The update for the Netatmo integration to support this is currently in development/testing.

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Can somebody let me know whether this Netatmo integration was rolled out for upgraded MyHomeServer1 setups? I still seem to be unable to set it up in my Home Assistant…

Any news on this or pointers to where one could contribute towards integrating MyHomeServer1 that has been migrated to Home+ Control?

Thank you!

hi guys, any updates?