How to integrate custom heating using serial com?

Hi there,
i’m new to HA but a passionated electronics hobbyist. So i found a way to communicate with my central heating using a serial bus and decoded the protocol. Now i wonder how to feed this data into my HA dashboard. Can somebody please elaborate how to make such custom extentions?

There are examples on the ESPHome docs:

To read you need custom C++ code:

To simply write looks a bit easier:

I haven’t tackled either before - although I would like to monitor a serial UPS port - so post whatever you come up with please :slight_smile:

I took a different but similar approach, i used an esp01 and flashed it with esplink (serial2lan bridge) and wrote a custom integration for it.

However, it is still on my ‘to-do’ list to convert it to esphome some day :wink: