How to integrate Growatt inverter over modbus serial

Hey together,

that’s my third day with Home Assistant.
I want to integrate my Growatt PV inverter over a RS485 to USB Cable into my Home Assistant.

So far so good.

I started with the modbus configuration in the configuration.yaml


  • name: modbus_hub
    type: serial
    port: /dev/ttyUSB0
    baudrate: 9600
    bytesize: 8
    method: rtu
    parity: E
    stopbits: 1

Question: Do i have a chance to simply check if the modbus connection is working?
Should there pop up an entity if the connection is established?
Or what else should i do to get a connection to the USB Port?

If the connection will work, which parameter do i need for the energy dashboard?

I hope someone could help me.

Thank you!

Hi @sandbank93,

Were you able to integrate Growatt on modbus serial?