How to integrate Homematic sensor HM-Sen-Wa-Od


I am trying to integrate my Homematicsensor for water Level detection into HA, but it seems HM-Sen-Wa-Od is not recognized.

Is there anything special for non-IP Sensors?

The sensor is called HM-Sen-Wa-Od.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Have you tried using the new Integration GitHub - danielperna84/custom_homematic: Custom Home Assistant Component for HomeMatic ?

Hi Patrick, yes, that’s what I am using.

In the RaspberryMatic CCU the device shows up, but not in the HA custom-homematic integration.

I am wondering now how to get it in there - is it not supported, not recognized or not configured?

All my other devices showed up perfect (the remote with a little tweaking), but they are all HomematicIP devices, the sensor now is a Homematic device.

Best regards and thanks!

Hmm, I have mixed HM and HmIP devices, both work. Even an unknown homebrew device showed up, though the channels have the wrong type. (There is a guide how to fix it)
Did you verify that HM (in addition to HmIP) is enabled in the add-on and the ports of the CCU are reachable?
If yes, probably ask in the support forum of the add-on in GitHub…

That is a good question.

In rhe RaspberryMatic AddOn I can See the sensor wird updated values, so all seems ro be good.

In the addon all Firewall ports are configure for full access, so probably good as well.

In the Integration I do not see any possibility to change/restrict the configuration.

Is there any Special spare I should check? Do I miss anything?