How to integrate HVAC climate entity through Modbus?


I’m trying to include my HVAC system to Home Assistant. The controller uses Modbus and I have a documentation, that is straightforward. I’m stuck with one thing though: the system is capable of changing between heating and cooling and has a regular and an away preset for both modes. How should I attack this with Home Assistant? The Modbus integration allows configuration of a single mode climate entity with a single setpoint, however this way I have two modes with 4 setpoints in total, so I’m stuck what to to with it. Should I set up a generic climate entity and then use service calls to update the actual system? I’m trying to keep all the functionality of the existing system, so I could still use the wall-mount thermostats.

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The generic thermostat is heat or cool only too.

There’s a third party dual mode integration that might suit your use case:

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thanks, I’ll have a look at this