How to integrate my old doorbell with HA

I’ve a question for you. I have a very OLD ‘Made in China’ doorbell which I tried to integrate with my HA. The doorbell is connected via cable to the router. And it’s operated via app from an Android tablet.
I found that it is possible to connect via telnet (I’ve user and pass) and via web (port 80). And there are some links to open the gate and to take a screenshot. Like this:

I have already integrated these functions into HA.
But I can’t view a direct stream of the video and sniff when the doorbell rings.
Can you help me how can I do it?

if you can find a link which exposes rtsp stream (it can’t be webrtc given its age) you can create generic stream?

Try doing a portscan to see if port 554 is open, thats usually the rtsp port for streaming

I found more doc on internet for stream with my model of camera (RT288x_SDK).
With url like this:

rtsp://admin:[email protected]:554/onvif2


It does not work. I try with VLC media player, does not work. I try whith HA, does not work…

I try to open this URL with browser:

It result ’ STATUS OK 200’ but nothing else…

Hi, this is the results with Nmap scan:


23/tcp open telnet BusyBox telnetd

81/tcp open http GoAhead WebServer

|_http-title: Document Error: Unauthorized

| http-auth:

| HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized\x0D

|_ Digest nonce=c545dccae5a87a1ba1f3c16828e463e8 realm=GoAhead stale=FALSE algorithm=MD5 qop=auth opaque=5ccc069c403ebaf9f0171e9517f40e41 domain=:81

| http-methods:

|_ Supported Methods: GET HEAD

8600/tcp open tcpwrapped

I connect my pc to router with wire connection, I open Wireshark and i start the scan and I play the doorbell, with the app. But nothing result in Wireshark. The app on the Android tablet work well, I ring the bell and the app activates but on Wiresharks results nothing…

Boh I’m the worst hacker on history. :slight_smile:

i believe, this rtsp endpoint needs to be waken up by some other call or physical switch to start streaming

But why does it work from the app?
Also from other apps, from different developers. Do they use the same standard?

app might be calling this endpoint first to wake up the device to start streaming.

i am the custom developer of eufy cameras and it works in similar fashion, RTSP stream starts after;

  • physical motion event of the camera
  • software signal via the app

It is possibile to sniff this signal of ‘wake up’?