How to integrate Neo Coolcam WiFi PIR Smart Motion Sensor with Home-Assistant

Im new in this entire home-automation world and HA in particular. So, i got this PIR, Temperature, and Humidity sensor. While i am able to link it to both Tuya and Smart-Life app, I failed to integrate it with Home Assistant!! I tried both Local-Tuya and Tuya-V2, and still HA cannot discover/see these devices!

Any help would be highly appreciated, or a tasmota firmware recommendation that is suitable for this sensor

check: [WiFi PIR Smart Motion Sensor USB Powered Wireless Temperature Humidity Detector WIFI USB PIR Motion Sensor Detector|Sensor & Detector| - AliExpress]

in-fact with these new Tuya integration, im not able to link any Tuya/Smart-Life device with HA!!!