How to integrate new energy tariffs and not break historical statistics

Hi friends,

I’m looking for some advise on how best to handle a change to my electricity tariffs.

I just changed my electricity plan from one fixed tariff to a new plan with a peak & offpeak tariff.

My situaiton is this: I have more than 2 years of energy monitoring data for my gird use, solar generation & solar return. When i originally setup energy monitoring i used existing sensors for these 3 values. I didn’t create any utility meter entities because i didn’t think they were needed. The energy dashboard was handling & calculating the correct values from the existing sensors. All working perfectly for the past 2+ years.

However, now that i have transitioned to a new peak/offpeak plan i found some community guides that helped me to prepare for that by creating some new config. I spend time yesterday setting up a new utility meter helper & the associated input helps to track the different tariffs plus an automation to switch the tariffs as the appropriate times.

I added those new utility meter sensors to my energy dashboard & so far its working as expected. I see the different tariffs represented in the dashboard.

Now, obviously, in my dashboard i still have the original sensor plus two additional sensors calculating & showing the engery data. So it’s doubling up now.


My first thought was to simply remove the original sensor named “Home Energy Consumption Total” from the dashboard. That’s fine for this day forward but as soon as i do that all historical data is instantly gone from the dashboard. All the previous days, weeks, months & years are broken.

My challenge is this: Is there a better/different way i can introduce these new tariffs without losing all history from the dashboard?