How to integrate PAJ7620 - Gesture sensor

Hello all …

Do you know how to use PAJ7620 sensor (gesture sensor) to use it with esphome and nodemcu card ?

Thank you.

It is not currently a supported sensor. You can write your own custom SPI sensor component using this:

Or add a feature request here:

Or use this supported sensor

I must say that the difficulty I have with the esphome home page is that it give no idea of what the individual components do. There is no way to search the page for “gesture” - you kinda have to know what you are looking for.

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Okay, thank you.
I’ll try, and I’ll give you a feedback.

Yes, I saw that it must work with this component.
I ordered 2 of them…

Were you able to have PAJ7620U2 work with ??
If so, how about clockwise and wave gestures ?

There is such a solution:


Oh oh ! Nice !!
Thank you !!

Thanks @apaex
I’ve followed your recommendations and everything works fine.