How to integrate Sunny Home Manager 2.0?

Hello there,

I am currently trying to integrate my new Sunny Home Manager 2.0 into HA.

I was not able to do this via the “add integration” on my dockerized HA instance (which is also in a different subnet). I tried different settings (with ssl, without, different user, even giving the UDP port as 192.168.x.x:9522).

On a Pi4 in the same subnet as the Home Manager, I installed EVCC and I could poll the Home Manager with the debug command. I got the values.

I am correct in assuming that there is no way to connect to the Home Manager via WEB directly and that it is sending its values out vie Mutlicast?

As a last test, I reformatted the above Pi4 and did a fresh install of HA ( 2021.9.5) and started a fresh basic configuration. Even now I am unable to integrate, the error message is always “failed to connect”.

Since I am ruling out the network after my two tests, I think I am either doing something wrong with the integration or the integration is not working as intended.

Would someone have an idea what I could do next in order to troubleshoot or how to collect some debugs?



just stumbled across evcc (GitHub - evcc-io/hassio-addon: add-on for EVCC) and your post. Sounds interesting to me. Only I do not understand how to configure it. You write that you once had a running configuration.
Therefore, here is my question which entries you had entered the SMA Home Manager in the evcc.yaml


Hi, sorry for the late reply:

- name: SHM2            #SMA Home Manager 2.0
  type: sma

- name: WR-PV           #SMA Sunny TriPower 20000TL
  type: sma
  password: xxx

- name: WR-BAT          # SMA Sunny Boy Storage 3.7
  type: sma
  password: xxx


I’m totally new to Home Assistant. Can you please let me know how I can add my Home Manager 2.0.
The yaml needs to be added somewhere but I’m not getting where in detail.


The SMA integration has recently moved to the UI configuration. You should be able to add multiple entries of the SMA integration from the Integrations page, just inputting the Host should work (I assume, I’m currently awaiting delivery of my SHM2 :wink: )

hello, have you integrated SHM2? if yes… how?


Hi, I’m also new to HA.
I have a SMA PV including a Sunny Home Manager 2.0 and I’m wondering how to get this one included to poll the energy data?

Hello, are there any news on how to integrate “Sunny Home Manager 2.0” ? @Hoelli4C how did you integrate it excactly?


I’m also very interrested in integrating the SMA SHM2.0 & two inverters (STP15 & STP04) into HA. Home Assistant runs in a docker container on a Synology NAS. When I try to use the SMA integration, I always get “Failed to connect” - no matter if I use the correct or incorrect username/password…

Anybody got this working recently?


Either you use Modbus or SBFSpot MuliNV. Search here under SMA Modbus or under SBFSpot and you will find what you are looking for.

Hello everyone,
I’m running latest HA (Home Assistant 2023.3.6, Supervisor 2023.03.3, Operating System 9.5, Frontend 20230309.1 - latest) and we have a photovoltaic system installed as well. The system runs with an inverter SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-30 and is somewhat monitored with a SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0.

Now I wanted to integrate the photovoltaic system into my HA environment, however I can’t get the integration to work.

Could it be an issue that the computer which runs HA runs in a separate subnet than the SMA components? Specifically HA runs in network while the SMA components run in network The two subnets are connected vie a TP-Link router running DD-WRT firmware.

Should my setup work out of the box or are the separated subnets an issue?

Best regards


That doesn’t mean the WR has a web interface, if you want it easy try SBFSpot or Modbus. You can get the Sunny Home Manager to run with the integration, but this requires the Mosquito broker.
The different networks shouldn’t be a problem. Look into your router and read out the IP there.
If you are from Germany, register in the simon42 community and we can continue writing in German there.

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