How to integrate the SYMFONISK Sound remote?

I recently purchased a SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker and a SYMFONISK Sound remote.

I know that they are a few topics about it here, but no specific how to. Also i know the two Blueprints needes.

Can anyone please provide a How to integrate the SYMFONISK Sound remote?

Nobody use it?

Symfonisk Sound Remote is zigbee device. So you can integrate it with HA using ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT (I’m using the latter).
Not sure however about the speaker. I would expect built-in zigbee (to pair with the remote) but IKEA pages doesn’t mention that. Instead TRÅDFRI gateway, IKEA Home Smart app and Sonos app are mentioned. So maybe there is some Sonos integration for HA?

I paired the remotes with ZHA integration and it works good.
Although sometimes the remotes go unresponsive for a few seconds.
Not sure if this is the conbee, HA, remote or signal strength though.

How is the battery life for you? Mine dies every 3 or 5 days :frowning: Complete Battery Drain.

I have used mine for a few months now with the original battery.
One is unresponsive, not sure what the issue is, I have tried to replace the batteries.

What integration are you using? I have read some that has issues with battery using one of the other integrations.

Im using it with deconz. When it went unresponsive it usually meant battery is empty for me.

I Have 2 such devices. At the beginning the battery very quickly went down to almost zero. Eventually fluctuated between 0 and 40%. At this point I upgraded firmware of my Conbee2. Since this time those are still working, still on original batteries, however fluctuation remains. Don’t know if it’s about battery quality (original), reporting issue, z2m issue. However it still works after 3 months since installation



I have tried but it didn’t help.