How to interlock scenes?

Hi all, I have made four scenes and I want to select any one of the four scenes (e.g. scenes_3) and it will show an active state different from the other three scenes. When I select another scene, the scene with this active state will become inactive and the other scene selected will show an active state. If I want to implement the above interlocking action, how do I do it? Or is there a card that can make the above interlocking state? If anyone knows, please tell me how to do it, any help would be appreciated!


With Lovelace component “card-mod” you can apply conditional formatting. You can use the state of your input_select as a condition for formatting your buttons.

  - entity: scene.bright
      style: |
        :host {
          --paper-item-icon-color: {% if is_state('sensor.home_state_scenes', 'scene.bright') %} var(--paper-item-icon-active-color) {% else %} var(color) {% endif %};

Thank you very much for your help and I will test the four scenarios as per your response.